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Tempered glass is typically used for protecting your mobile displays from breakage due to accidental falls, hard impacts etc, Tempered Glass is considered a better option than a PVC protector as they have higher withstanding capacity and display transparency is also close to the original phone display(Asahi Glass).ย 

Mobile Tempered Glass Is Toughened At Around 320-400 Celsius For A Duration Of 3-4 Hours And Take Maximum Impact In Case Of Fall Or Accidental Impacts. Mobile Tempered Glass Can Easily Take An Impact Of 12-15Kgs Beyond Which They Crack Up Nonetheless Protecting The Actual Phone Display. The Tempered Glass Which Is Available On The Street Side Are Typically Normal Glass With Very Little Toughening Done And Expose Your Phoneโ€™s Display To Breakage.

To process warranty, the customer must address their concerns by explaining the nature of the issue by contacting us either through our Whatsapp handle @ 9591407133 or by writing to our email at, Please allow us 1 Working day to revert on the same.

Following documents are mandatory for faster processing of claim at the time of raising issue.

For Tempered Glass Screen Protectors:

1. 1 Image of the Tempered glass on the Phone highlighting the problem. 2. 1 Image of the Tempered Glass on the Phone with Screen Off 3. Soft Copy of the Order Invoice (if you have purchased from Amazon or Flipkart) 4. Photo of the MRP Label printed on the Product Packaging. 5. In case of Touch Issues, Please attach a 10 second Video detailing the complaint.

For Charging Cables:

1. 1 image of the cable plugged into the phone (with power ON) showing the exact nature of the issue. 2. Soft Copy of the Order Invoice (if you have purchased from Amazon or Flipkart) 3. Photo of the MRP Label printed on the Product Packaging.

For Silicone Back Case Covers:

1. 1 image of the back case cover applied on the phone. 2. 1 image of the back case cover showing the exact nature of the issue. 3. Soft Copy of the Order Invoice (if you have purchased from Amazon or Flipkart). 4. Photo of the MRP Label printed on the Product Packaging.

Tempered Glass A Whole Is Not Dangerous Since There Are No Sharp Edges. A Good Quality Tempered Glass Is Not Brittle Like Normal Glasses. So, When A Tempered Glass Breaks, Instead Of Falling Apart, The Small Broken Pieces Will Stick ToEach Other Because Of The Tensile Strength Applied During Tempering Of The Glass, Thereby Making The Glass Holderโ€™s Hand Safe But AsA Precaution, Basic Care Should Be Taken While Disposing The Broken Tempered Glass Too.

Normally, Tempered Glasses By Design Have A Cutout Or A Punch Hole So That The Glass Does Not Come In The Way Of The Camera Lens. Even If The Glass Comes In The Way, Good Tempered Glasses Offer A Transparency Of 93-95% Which Is A Negligible Loss In Camera Quality.

The first and foremost is the quality of the glass. Most of our glasses are made of Japan Asahi Glass which is the best tempered glass is the world as of now and some of our glasses are made of Panda glasses which is the second best. All our tempered glasses come with the best Korea AB Glue which yields superior adhesiveness, superior touch sensitivity and re-applicability. Our glasses come with an oleophobic coating to protect from fingerprints and smudging. It also leads to a smooth touch and feel. A lot of dedication, effort and technology goes into making our products so that our customers do not get anything less than the best. And we believe that its a small price to pay when it comes to quality.

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